The Truth About Handyman Stereotypes And The Reality Of Why The Best Always Stay Safe And Insured

There is an abundance of fair and honest handymen, that goes without saying. After all it’s in the name- a person who isn’t handy is not a handyman! That said, there are some inaccurate stereotypes that seem to blanketly stereotype the handyman occupation as a whole. For example, there’s the stereotype that the attire of a handyman involves wearing either wearing a lumberjack shirt or a wife-beater. On a serious note, here are some of the more serious stereotypes that hinder people from becoming or even hiring one:


All Handyman are men

Well technically it does include the word man in the name, but handy(wo)men can do the job as well! A quick search on Google shows all kinds of handywomen and women tradespeople as well. Obviously the number of women in the field is comparatively lower, but their numbers are rising.


All Handypeople are looking to rip you off

Again, this assumption is out of order. It’s true that Handyman have to increase costs in order to make a living but not all necessarily do it to rip you off. This is an insane assumption. A quick search on handypeople directories will show you reviews of individual handypeople which is a more accurate indication of a handypersons reliability and whether their prices are reasonable.


All Handypeople don’t have insurance

For a lot of people, the job of a handyman isn’t seen as a professional occupation, which is a shame because despite this stereotype, there are many who professionally accredited and as importantly, are insured. Insurance helps a handyman ensure that they have full public liability cover and therefore ensures that the public will be protected in the event of an accident.