Day Rates for Electricians in The UK

Day Rates For Electricians In UK 2017-2018

Electricians in UK are in great demand, both as employees for different companies and as individual professionals. The salary of electricians in the country has shown a steady rise in the last few decades. No wonder, a lot of technical skills are involved in their services. However, it is evident that individual electricians make much more money than professionals working with various companies and organizations. On an average, an electrician makes around £200 per day. However, this figure is applicable only for the skilled professionals. Besides, the rates vary from one location to the other, and along with the demand for electricians in the country. Evidently, electricians are among the highest paid professionals in the country.

However, these figures are based on an average value, as a large variation is visible in the way pay scales are fixed. It is important to know the various elements influencing the day rates for electricians in the country. The two key factors determining the pay scale of electricians in UK are:


Business costs

While serving the customers, the electricians need to consider certain costs of the business. The employees working with different organizations seem to be paid lesser than the individual professionals. However, they need not bear the additional costs of running the business. The company has its own tools, equipment, vans and other accessories required for fixing the systems for the customers. The employees under various companies only have to repair the fixtures and not bear any additional cost.
On the other hand, individual electricians make anything between £180 and £340 per day. These figures are much higher than the employees working with various companies. However, these professionals have to pay for additional charges for the tools, equipment and transportation facilities. This escalates their expenditures. Therefore, the infrastructural costs need to be considered when you calculate the salary of an individual electrician in UK.


Another important factor determining the salary of electricians in UK is the competition among the professionals. This is evident especially between the individual electricians. The trained professionals charge a standard rate, however, they may lower their charger to a certain percentage to provide affordable services in a competitive scenario. These days, most of the electricians join the profession as an apprentice. After working for a few years with the reputed groups, they start working individually and fix their own rates. Most of the time, the electricians charge on the basis of hour, which starts from £25. Certain professionals do not charge on the basis of hour, they fix their payments on per day basis. The individual electricians also charge on the basis of work they do.
Working as a subcontractor and working directly with the clients
Electricians in UK working through subcontractors and directly with the clients have a sizable difference in their salaries. While the former earns around £130-£150 per day, the individual electricians earn more than £200. At times, a number of subcontractors forget to add external costs like materials, insurance, travel and accreditation when they state their salary. Taking these costs into consideration, they too, earn good. However, the rates for individual electricians are higher even after considering these costs.
Evidently, a lot of electricians work both as a subcontractor and directly with their own clients. They show a wide range of diversity in the rates. Taking the overall salary rates into account, electricians earn pretty good in UK.

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